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本文摘要:英智艺考班2020高考写作押题一.邀请外国人一起过春节Dear Tom,The Spring Festival is coming. Now Im glad to invite you to spend it with me and my family.As the most important traditional festival in China, the Spring Festival is a great time for reunion and celebra


英智艺考班2020高考写作押题一.邀请外国人一起过春节Dear Tom,The Spring Festival is coming. Now I'm glad to invite you to spend it with me and my family.As the most important traditional festival in China, the Spring Festival is a great time for reunion and celebration of the Chinese lunar year. People clean and decorate their rooms, put up couplets and show their best wishes to friends and relatives. Children are often happy because they can get lucky money. By the way, when you come, we can make and eat the most traditional Chinese food,---dumplings. I'm sure you will have an unforgettable experience.Look forward to your reply.Yours,Li Hua译文春节快到了。现在我很兴奋地邀请你来和我另有我的家人一起过春节。作为中国最重要的传统节日,春节是人们团聚和庆祝夏历年的时刻。


我确信你会有一次难忘的履历。期盼你的回复。二. 邀请外国人到场京剧体验运动Dear Tom,How are you? Now I'm writing to invite you to take part in a great activity. The theme is about Peking Opera.The activity will be held in our city theater hall at 3:00pm on January 25th . At the beginning, we will listen to a lecture about the history of Peking Opera. After that, there will be a wonderful live show given by some famous Peking Opera artists. Also, we can learn how to paint facial make-up. It's very interesting. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself if you come.Look forward to your reply.Yours,Li Hua译文你好,我此次写信是邀请你到场一次很棒的运动,主题是关于京剧的。


如果你来的话,我确信你会享受这次履历的。期盼你的到来。三.先容帮外国人预订的旅店Dear Tony,I'm very glad to know you will come to my city. Now I'm writing to introduce the hotel I have booked for you.Chang'an International Hotel is a four-star modern hotel which is located on Main Road. The price is within your reach. There are all kinds of facilities in each room. You are free to use Wifi and hot water is available all day. The service is wonderful. I'm sure you will feel at home in this hotel. By the way, the hotel is close to a subway station, so it is easy for you to travel around the city.Look forward to your coming.Yours,Li Hua译文很兴奋听说你要来我们都会。





要点如下:时间:5月4日。上午8:30从天安门广场(Tian'an'men Square)出发。

沿长安街(Chang'an Street)向西跑,在第三个路口向右转。沿北长街(Beichang Street)向北一直跑到北海公园(Beihai Park)折返。

获胜者将受邀观光故宫(the Palace Museum)和长城(the Great Wall)。报名停止日期:3月31日。Dear Paul,How are you? In your last letter, you told me that you wanted to take part in the Beijing Marathon Race. Now I'm writing to tell you something about it. The race will be held on May 4th. At 8:30 am the runners will start from Tian'an'men Square and run west. Then they'll turn right onto Beichang Street at the third crossing. At Beihai Park they are supposed to turn back. The winners will be invited to visit the Palace Museum and the Great Wall. The deadline of application is March 31st.Looking forward to meeting you in Beijing.Yours,Li Hua译文:你好。在你上次的来信中,你告诉我你想来到场北京马拉松角逐。




获胜者将受邀观光故宫和长城。报名停止日期:3月31日。五.日记May 29th Saturday cloudyToday my parents and I drove to Qinhuangdao for a holiday. We got up early in the morning and set off at six o'clock. Three hours later, we arrived there. First, we climbed the Great Wall, where there were crowds of tourists. We were very excited and took many photos. At noon, we had a simple lunch. After that, we went to the seaside and took a boat out to sea. At about 4:00 pm we drove back home. Though we were very tired, we were really having a good time. And I can hardly wait for another tour.译文:今天我的怙恃和我去秦皇岛自驾游。



只管我们很累,可是我们玩得真的很是开心。对于下一次的出游我已经迫不及待了。六.书面通知Notice通知In order to help foreign students understand traditional Chinese culture, we're going to hold an activity named "Wearing Han-style Clothes and Learning Chinese Calligraphy" at the Service Centre for Overseas Students at 3:00 p.m. on June 10. During the activity you can choose to wear Han-style clothes and learn how to write Chinese characters with a writing brush with the help of teachers and then display your calligraphy works. In the end, you can share your experiences with each other. Also, taking pictures for memory is included.Anyone who is interested can contact Li Hua to sign up at the Student Union and tell her the size of your clothes before June 6.Student UnionJune 3译文:为了资助外国学生明白中国传统文化,我们将于6月10号下午三点在外国学生服务中心举行名为"穿汉服学汉字"的运动。


有兴趣到场者可以于6月6号前联系学生会的李华报名,而且告诉她你所穿衣服的尺码。学生会 6月3号七.有关新冠肺炎防控知识的倡议信Dear schoolmates,I'm Li Hua, a senior three 一名高三student. I'm writing to call on招呼 everyone to carry out实施 a dining就餐 reform革新 for为了 people's heath 康健and civilization文明, especially 尤其是when the novel新 coronavirus冠状病毒 does great harm to有害于 humans.人To begin with首先, I firmly believe that我坚定地认为 serving chopsticks公筷 and spoons汤匙 are good for us to prevent预防 illnesses疾病spreading流传 during meal times在用饭时. Moreover而且, we'd better我们最好 only eat the food in our own plates只吃自己盘子里的食物. In addition此外, don't talk loudly不要高声说话 and cover遮盖 your mouth嘴 with your hands用手 while talking当说话时. Most importantly最重要的是, it is good for us to develop养成 a good habit of washing hands before meals饭前洗手的好习惯.I would appreciate it if you我会很是感谢,如果你 could support my advice.支持我的建议Yours,Li Hua八.口头通知Attention please, everyone. I'm your tour guide, Li Hua. Welcome to Qingdao. I'm very happy to be with you. To make sure that everyone has a pleasant and safe tour, I want to tell you the following things. First, follow me all the time and don't fall behind. Second, take care when climbing the Laoshan Mountain. Third, never smoke because it can easily cause a dangerous fire to the forests. Finally, take an umbrella as the sun today gives too much light. Thank you for listening to me. Wish you a nice trip.译文:大家请注意,我是你们此次旅行的导游,李华。

接待来的青岛。我很兴奋和大家在一起。为了确保大家宁静愉快地旅行,请记着以下信息:一, 一直追随我,不要落后。


二, 爬崂山的时候要注意宁静。三, 克制吸烟,以免引起山火。


2020年 高考写作必会句型消息泉源:I've learned from the Internet/newspaper that...我从网上/报纸上得知表现兴奋:I'm very glad to receive your letter.收到您的来信我很兴奋。表现感兴趣:I'm very interested in it.我对此很是感兴趣。

写信意图:Now I'm writing to tell you...我写信是想告诉您/Now I'm inviting you to...现在我邀请您先容自己的性格:I'm very outgoing.我性格外向。先容自己的英语水平:I can speak English fluently.我能流利地讲英语。

/Once I won the first prize in an English speech contest. 我曾经在一次英语演讲角逐中获一等奖。/Once I went to the US as an exchange student.我曾经作为交流生去过美国。

先容自己的结业学校:I graduated from Tsinghua University.我结业于清华大学。先容运动所在和时间:The party will be held in the school hall on August 12.派对将于八月十二日在学校大厅举行。It will start at 3:00pm and last about two hours.下午三点开始,连续约莫两个小时。

引出新话题:By the way,...顺便说一下/Oh, I nearly forgot.噢!我适才差点儿忘了。表现假设:If you can come, please tell me soon.如果你能来,请尽快见告我。/ If I am lucky enough to be accepted, I will try my best.如果我幸运地被接受的话,我会竭尽全力地事情。/If you have any further question, please call me at...or send an email to...如果你另有什么问题,请拨我的电话......或发邮件至......表达希望:I hope that...我希望/I 'm sure...我确信表现谢谢:Thanks a lot for...很是谢谢/ I 'd appreciate it if you...如果你.......我会很是感谢。

期盼回信或晤面:Looking forward to your answer. 期盼你的回信。/ Looking forward to seeing you soon.期盼尽快见到你。